just a lonely lesbian living by the ocean.
i like peach juice and my girlfriend.
Even on bad days, I’ll still be happy with you.

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Even if you come home late and I’m already asleep, just whisper in my ear one little thought you had today. Because I love the way you look at the world. And I’m so happy I get to be next to you and look at the world through your eyes. Theodore Twombly, Her (2013)

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i want my children to grow up barefoot running through the woods. I want them to know the feeling of the trees growing around them, to recognize the gurgle of a stream before they see it, to know the taste of a blackberry from a bush long before the taste of a chip. I want my children to experience the earth we came from through touch, not pictures, and video games. And I want to be right there with them through all of it.

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today my teacher asked me
where my heart was.
anatomically, i should’ve answered
‘just to the left of the breastbone.’
but my god that’s not where my heart is at all.
it’s inside you.
you have my heart and i don’t ever want it back (via sad-disposition)

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I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.  Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (via explode)

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